freelance web developing

The traditional path of the freelance web developer goes a little something like this: He or she starts out doing web design for a company or firm and picks up whatever side projects that come along in their free time. At some point they’ll get fed up with the constraints of working for someone else and want to go out on their own, as web design is something that can be done from the home. it’s not easy to know when the right time is to leave the 9 to 5 for the world for freelancing, nor is there a period of time that is optimal to leave your day job for a solo gig.


“There’s a finite amount of people with the technical skills to create web sites that are worth paying for look at flippa.Most of those people work for a company where they are only responsible for one or two of the tasks that an independent web developer must do: graphic design, database design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing, accounting, scheduling, customer service, legal, staying ahead of new technologies, etc.”




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