Solo Gig Timing 24 hour clock

The other day i was doing a Freelance job for a client on and the client was in a real rush to get the gig done as fast as possible.So i told the client it would be done by 6 the following day,When i woke up which is usually around 9 my email box was just full of emails asking about when the gig would be finished.This why from now on i will use the 24 hour clock just like the military.So i decided to write this post about the 24 hour clock.

The military time clock has its significance in eliminating confusions that arises between AM or PM. It is so easy to switch “A” for a “P” in a conversation and the effect to this would be a major devastation in any military setting.

MT or Military time plays an important role in the various operations of the militaries. Also, most militaries utilize this method of timekeeping to convey time and to communicate accurate schdules.

That is why this type of military time clock was developed. Today, not only militaries are using them, but also the civilians who found its convenience.

military time chart

There are a couple of differences that sets military time from standard time. Militaries and organizations who deal with people around the world, use the military time which is also known as 24-hour time or a 24-hour clock because its system starts from 0 to 24, unlike the standard time which starts from 0 to 12.

Another difference is that military time does not contain the colon symbol between the minutes and the hours which is opposed to standard time.

Lastly, standard time (ST) can have a minimum of three digits, but military time is always written in four digits.

The conversion between military-time and standard-time is not really difficult. You only need to follow the formula:

• If the military timeclock is less than “twelve hundred hours” 1200, you would format the standard time in this way (XX:XX) format and include, in this case, the “am.”

• If the military timeclock is after 1200 hours, (for example: 1647), you simply format it like XX:XX, subtract 1200 and add “pm” afterwards and format it in the ST configuration. Thus, in this case, 1647 minus 1200, equals 4:47 pm

to sum it up ,dont have your clients getting pissed off because they misunderstood you avoid the confusion use the military time clock

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