How to Create a Niche Site that Brings in $500/Month

passive income niche sites This is what everybody wants when they come to me and they say they want to build a business online. Well you know what you probably know this by now I think that is the wrong approach I think you should follow my three-step approach. To make money online but the fact remains I get this question over and over and over and over again how do I start a niche site. How do I make passive income ,how do I do this? So you know we’re gonna talk about it today. I’m gonna teach you how to build a niche site that brings in $500 a month. All right in my mind step. number one to building a successful niche site online is you should come up with a brainstorm as many ideas as possible start with your interests and go from there. Nothing is a bad idea ,write down a ton of stuff everything you think you might be interested in starting a site around.(example) check this site about Best Cut Resistant gloves this site is a great niche idea and is make around 50$ a month from dropshipping gloves . I’m also not a huge proponent of only doing something for the money so you see some people that you know create sites around dog checks or things like that I’m passionate about checks I like getting checks don’t really care about dog checks. So I say go with something you’re interested in. step number two now it’s time to break those down figure out which niches are actually going to make sense and become profitable for you so I’ve got a couple criteria for how I do this first I look for a wide array of products that I can read review so you know if I’m just looking at dog checks for instance there’s not going to be that many different products I can review however with the golf industry you know I’ve got breaking a decom there’s tons of different products I can review I also look for things that are high price low volume I would way rather make one affiliate sale on a thousand dollar product that I get a 20% Commission on there’s 200 bucks than having to make like a hundred affiliate sales on a ten dollar product to make any kind of money and even then I would make much money so higher price lower volume as opposed to the other way around you also want to make sure that they’re actually affiliate programs we should back up for a second let’s make sure you understand what affiliate marketing is at its purest level affiliate marketing I put a link on my website you click on the link buy the product I get a commission that’s fundamentally the easiest way to start building a niche site you put content up you review products people click the links in your products or your in your reviews they buy you make money that’s a niche site so you want to make sure that there’s good affiliate programs for the products you want to review Amazon is a great way to start they don’t necessarily pay the highest sematic commissions you make like 4 to 7% a month um but you can promote just about anything anything you could buy an amazon anything I’ve had people buy like diapers and condoms and food I mean it’s literally anything so it’s kind of crazy so even if they click a link to buy my golf bag that I reviewed and they end up buying diapers I still got a commission are people making money with the site currently if there’s a lot of other affiliate niche sites out there around this topic or just sites in general that’s a good sign there may be a little bit of competition but generally this is a good thing whoops try that again last thing I like to do is make sure that I can write at least a hundred topics on any given subject within that niche think of your niche site as though it’s a blog you want to put high quality content out there and know that real people are going to read this so that’s really important step number three set up your site get your domain on Bluehost get hosting you can do this for under $100 for the first year get a $50 premium theme on ThemeForest spend an afternoon setting it up you’re going to be good to go that’s all you have to do don’t over complicate things here now got to make some good content like that in is added spurious form a niche site has got to have good content that people want to read so what kind of content should you create start with this five posts that are reviewing the most popular products in your niche three really good solid tutorial posts so tutorial post killed it money with my photography business so I would show you know people how to create night images using HDR photography big long posts and to be able to actually follow through this tutorial of course you had to buy the software to do it so figure out tutorials you can do to teach people how to do something within your site and then do another like five list post ten best ways to blank five best products for this the 17 best Christmas gifts for insert your niche here those are all going to be great pieces of content that people are going to like to share and they’re really easy to write so start with that so review posts tutorial posts list posts that’s that’s the basis of a niche site right there like you get that far you’re in good shape really good shape now remember how you found all those affiliate programs for your niche go sign up for step number six there’s a lot of steps in here this is roughly step number six do some keyword research go get a solution like market samurai longtail Pro you can do it for free you can use the Google Adwords a key key tool researcher a keyword research tool you know what I’m talking about I’ll link it below use one of these tools find something that’s got low competition high search volume sounds really simple not actually that that simple to do I like to find things that have search volumes in the range of like 2002 like 20,000 and don’t necessarily have a ton of competition again this is tough to do and it’s not a hard and fast rule but it’s something to do shoot for so you want to start ranking for terms that people are actually searching for ideally with buying intent so things like review sale discount those are all great key terms to try and rank for with your niche site again I make this sound really easy it’s not process is simple actually putting it all into practice not as easy as you think but I’m giving you this tutorial to make sure you you’re ahead of the game got a good chance of success but if you still haven’t done anything online there’s the Poynting again I’m still pointing why am I still pointing stupid okay I’m gonna stop that yeah still pointing deal with you’ve never done anything online simple three-step process boring way to build a business online income confidence that’s what location rebel teaches that’s what I recommend that’s right try and get everybody to start with they never listen to me they want the niche site sometimes they listen to me and then they thank me later on actually moving on to step number seven step number seven get your on-site SEO looking good install the Yoast SEO plugin it will basically give you a green light yellow light or red light if certain criteria are not meet met for your on-page SEO for those of you who are living in 1982 SEO stands for search engine optimization a niche site generally unless you’re going to pay a bunch of money for advertising your traffic is going to come from Google people are going to search for blank review you want to be the first thing that shows up you want them to buy through your affiliate link you’re gonna make money so by making sure your on-site SEO is good and you’ve got an SEO plug-in and you’ve optimized your headlines and your content and all of that stuff by doing that you’re gonna be in great shape so don’t ignore that next up create a list of all your friends family people that might be interested in your new site you got to promote it it’s not just magically gonna happen so tell your friends tell your family post on Facebook that leads us to our next step sign up for all your social media accounts register whatever brand name you come up with register your your Facebook thing your Instagram your Pinterest your Twitter your Google+ all of the social media channels you’re already on go create those again for your niche site you’re building a brand here and you want to become recognized as the go-to person for information around the niche that you’re in I’ve done this with breaking 80 I do top 100 course reviews and tech product reviews and boot boutique apparel reviews and I built up a really big reputation for for doing that and so people send me stuff I review it I put links up there I get paid for it it’s great people helping people we’re in good shape honestly I’d only remember what’s up or on I’m sure there’s a number in the like title below that’s coming up here in just a second as I edit this and I figure out where we’re at make a list of all of the different blogs websites news outlets publications influencers in your niche make a list of all their contact information their names figure out who they are and then reach out to them because the way your niche site is going to be listening this is important the way your niche site is going to be successful is by ranking in Google how do you rank in Google you get links that go from all over the Internet and point to you and your site so if you can reach out and get guest posts or features or interviews on other big sites within your niche and get them to link to your site that’s gonna put you way ahead of the game and that’s what’s gonna keep you from having to spend a bunch of money on paid traffic because nobody likes spending lots of money on paid traffic because it’s expensive so if you can get Google to work for you all the better we’re getting close here guys I promise I know this is a long post uh next up you want to start building your email list the easiest way to sell anything is through an email list so people trust you enough to give you their their email address that’s a great thing so how do you get the remail address you should give them something for free with a location rebel for instance I created location rebel Arsenal it’s all of my tools that I use to be able to run my business from anywhere on earth so all these people that are thinking about building a business that allows them to travel this is a great resource because these are things they’re going to need I get their email address I can send stuff to them I can market to them I can tailor the content to what they want so what you want to do is figure out what you can write a short PDF short to mid-length PDF to give away for free that’s going to provide value to people that are interested in your niche that you can give away in exchange for their email address you want to be more active with your affiliate promotions you want to send stuff in a newsletter on a regular basis doing that via your you know list great way to go about it and finally that’s pretty much it now you want to go through and you want to repeat all of those things you want to keep creating content you want to keep reaching out to people you want to keep putting out new offers essentially I’ve really given you a recipe for how to build a successful blog but these days like I said that’s what a niche site is it’s good content its blogs were not try to game the system here we’re trying to create a useful resource for people that are interested in it so treat it as such it’s a lot of it’s a lot of work like don’t get me wrong creating niche site these days a lot of work and kind of hard and that’s why I tell people go with three-step process it’s not as passive it’s not as sexy but it’s easy but I know you’re probably not listening to me and you’re watching this and if you’ve made it this far you really want to start a niche site so follow the process treat it like a real business treat it like something people are actually going to read and if you do that over the course of the next three to six to twelve months and then some you’re gonna have some success and you’re gonna be bringing in 500 plus dollars a month and you’re gonna become an authority in that space and then all sorts of cool stuff happens and yeah so this is gonna be a long blog post hit the subscribe button right now give this a little thumbs up tell me you like it um check out all of our other videos and more importantly go check out the new location rebel site I’m super happy about it it’s gonna be awesome there I go screwing up the camera again and with that next week I’m going to be down in San Diego for the trafficking version conference if you happen to be in San Diego come say what’s up shoot me a message Shawn at Shawn ogle calm and I don’t think I’ve ever done this before if you enjoyed this blog I would love it if you could share it whether it’s on Facebook whether it’s your email list whether it’s just a short little thing on Twitter anything you can do really helps I love putting these things together I’ve really started to enjoy it I’m trying to find more and more ways to spread the word so subscribe like share hopefully this isn’t actually going to be 8 minutes and 15 seconds long because it is well then I’m sorry that’s a lot of me and I so let’s get out of here thank you see you next Thursday new videos every Thursday see in San Diego pointing is my new thing we’re just gonna stick with the points and deal with all right please stay around us

Solo Gig Timing 24 hour clock

The other day i was doing a Freelance job for a client on and the client was in a real rush to get the gig done as fast as possible.So i told the client it would be done by 6 the following day,When i woke up which is usually around 9 my email box was just full of emails asking about when the gig would be finished.This why from now on i will use the 24 hour clock just like the military.So i decided to write this post about the 24 hour clock.

The military time clock has its significance in eliminating confusions that arises between AM or PM. It is so easy to switch “A” for a “P” in a conversation and the effect to this would be a major devastation in any military setting.

MT or Military time plays an important role in the various operations of the militaries. Also, most militaries utilize this method of timekeeping to convey time and to communicate accurate schdules.

That is why this type of military time clock was developed. Today, not only militaries are using them, but also the civilians who found its convenience.

military time chart

There are a couple of differences that sets military time from standard time. Militaries and organizations who deal with people around the world, use the military time which is also known as 24-hour time or a 24-hour clock because its system starts from 0 to 24, unlike the standard time which starts from 0 to 12.

Another difference is that military time does not contain the colon symbol between the minutes and the hours which is opposed to standard time.

Lastly, standard time (ST) can have a minimum of three digits, but military time is always written in four digits.

The conversion between military-time and standard-time is not really difficult. You only need to follow the formula:

• If the military timeclock is less than “twelve hundred hours” 1200, you would format the standard time in this way (XX:XX) format and include, in this case, the “am.”

• If the military timeclock is after 1200 hours, (for example: 1647), you simply format it like XX:XX, subtract 1200 and add “pm” afterwards and format it in the ST configuration. Thus, in this case, 1647 minus 1200, equals 4:47 pm

to sum it up ,dont have your clients getting pissed off because they misunderstood you avoid the confusion use the military time clock

freelance web developing

The traditional path of the freelance web developer goes a little something like this: He or she starts out doing web design for a company or firm and picks up whatever side projects that come along in their free time. At some point they’ll get fed up with the constraints of working for someone else and want to go out on their own, as web design is something that can be done from the home. it’s not easy to know when the right time is to leave the 9 to 5 for the world for freelancing, nor is there a period of time that is optimal to leave your day job for a solo gig.


“There’s a finite amount of people with the technical skills to create web sites that are worth paying for look at flippa.Most of those people work for a company where they are only responsible for one or two of the tasks that an independent web developer must do: graphic design, database design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing, accounting, scheduling, customer service, legal, staying ahead of new technologies, etc.”




chemical engineering technology

Skilled professionals are in big demand in united states, with some companies being  more pronounced than others. Chemical engineering is one of the main branches of engineering and is highly popular in other parts of the world.

Chemical Engineering  technology are associated with the design, and operation of machines. This field requires a person with  knowledge of math,physics and chemical reactions. Also be able to solve problems.


people who study chemical engineering technology often try to find other ways in which chemical reactions can benefit our daily lives.

The Demand for Chemical Engineering Technology jobs:

In America, chemical engineering technology jobs continue to maintain a high interest and the prospective job market remains strong. There is a requirement of at least 50,000 engineers by 2018, for America to achieve the status of most nations.

Chemical Engineering is a high paying gig .The starting salary of chemical engineers can be anywhere between 97,360 per year up to 157,160

How to find chemical engineering jobs in The United States?

Job Advertisements: job search sites, job magazines, online forums and social networking .

Social Networking: The growing reliance on social networking websites for job advertisements, makes it easy for a person to find the right employer for the skills the employee has


Engineering jobs require applicants to be well versed with the current technologies and protocols.

Companies across the nation are looking for knowledgeable and hardworking individuals. Applying diligently can land one a good job and move up in the future.